6 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Novellas to Add to Your TBR

Fantasy and sci-fi novellas

Although the fantasy and science-fiction genres are well known for long tomes and series that encompass multiple volumes of magic and adventure, sometimes readers desire shorter narratives. Packing adequate world building, well-developed characters, and a plot full of quests and battles into 40,000 words or less is a feat not many writers endeavor to undertake. […]

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What Is Absurdist Fiction? (5 Examples)

What Is Absurdist Fiction?

Absurdist fiction is a particular genre of writing that can be thought-provoking and informative as well as confusing and frustrating. In this type of work, authors use specific tools to portray their ideas on grand, existential topics. The result is often strange, surreal, or downright trippy. This post provides a brief exploration of absurdist fiction […]

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20 LGBTQ+ Books to Read for Pride Month

Books to read for Pride Month

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and if you’re looking to add some queer books to your TBR to celebrate, you’re in luck. There are more books by queer authors and featuring characters from across the gender and sexuality spectrums than there ever have been before, which means plenty of books to read for Pride Month. […]

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12 Actually Good Classic Novels

Good classic novels

The classics have a reputation for being long, tedious, and not at all enjoyable to read. While that can be the case (and opinions are subjective!), these books have stood the test of time for a reason. There are several actually good classic novels that you might want to add to your reading list. To […]

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How to See All the Books You’ve Read in StoryGraph

A woman reading on a couch

The StoryGraph app has been consistently gaining popularity among readers and book lovers. Its detailed graphs and charts, unique reading challenges, and helpful content warnings have made it a favorite GoodReads alternative for those looking to move away from the Amazon-owned platform. However, there have been a few drawbacks to using StoryGraph. Namely, some users […]

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What Is Literary Fiction (And Why Does It Matter)?

A sign reading "books".

If you have any interest in books or writing, you may have noticed a divide between what’s known as “literary fiction” and books that are considered “commercial fiction”. You likely have a vague idea of the distinction between these two categories. (Hint: To Kill a Mockingbird is literary, Harry Potter is commercial.) However, especially when […]

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