How to See All the Books You’ve Read in StoryGraph

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The StoryGraph app has been consistently gaining popularity among readers and book lovers. Its detailed graphs and charts, unique reading challenges, and helpful content warnings have made it a favorite GoodReads alternative for those looking to move away from the Amazon-owned platform.

However, there have been a few drawbacks to using StoryGraph. Namely, some users have been less-than-satisfied with how difficult it is to see all the books you’ve read over time, rather than for a defined period. And, although you can easily mark books as “owned” in StoryGraph, you might find it tricky to view a list of all your owned books or do anything with that data.

In this post, I’ll give you a brief overview of how to see all the books you’ve read in StoryGraph as well as how to view your owned books in StoryGraph.

How to See All the Books You’ve Read in StoryGraph

To view your read books in StoryGraph, first open the app and tap on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen:

Opening your profile in StoryGraph.

Then scroll to the Read Recently section and tap View All:

Viewing all read books in StoryGraph.

This will take you to your Read Books page, where you can see all the books you’ve marked as Read in StoryGraph. By default, your most recently read books will be at the top, and your books with no reading date will be at the bottom.

StoryGraph Read Books page.

However, you can use the dropdown at the top of the screen to select a year and see the books you read for that time period. You can also use the search and filter options to sift through the books you’ve read.

How to See All the Books You Own in StoryGraph

Another helpful feature is the Owned Books list. You can access it by again going to your profile in the StoryGraph app and scrolling down to the Owned Books section:

Viewing all owned books in StoryGraph.

Tap on View All to see the complete list:

StoryGraph Owned Books page.

StoryGraph includes a search bar and several filters you can use to navigate through all the books you’ve marked as Owned.


StoryGraph continues to make improvements to its platform to make it more useful to readers. Being able to see all the books you’ve read in StoryGraph and the option to create a list of all the books you own are super helpful for tracking your reading progress through time and managing your personal library.

If you want to continue to stay up to date on the latest features coming to the app, you can follow the The StoryGraph on Twitter and check out the app roadmap.

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  1. Thanks. This was helpful. I just moved from Goodreads to StoryGraph and was struggling with how to see any overview of what I have already read. Goodreads is just too cluttered for me and feels like the marketing arm of Amazon. StoryGraph is much cleaner and more helpful in analyzing what I have read as well as guiding me to what I might like to read.

    I discovered your blog while searching for help using StoryGraph. Sort of a double win for me!

  2. I’m just starting to transfer my books over to storygraph. Am I missing whether there’s a feature to do any categorization of the books you own – for instance, where you can find it in your house? Right now I’m just doing tags with the location (ie, library, downstairs bookshelf). I like the site a lot but wish it offered some help in navigating and more features on the desktop version that are only in the app, like looking at your owned books.

    1. Hi there!

      Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any feature in StoryGraph like what you’re describing. However, there are always new features being added to the app, so I would keep an eye on upcoming development in case they have anything like this in the works!

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