How Can I Get a Real Writer to Write My Story?

How can I get a real writer to write my story? Hire a ghost writer.

Writing a book—or any kind of work that you hope to publish—is a huge undertaking. Not everyone has the time or the skill to accomplish it, which is why ghost writing is a popular solution. Ghost writing services help people with ideas for books or articles to find an experienced writer to write their story […]

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Is a Career in Creative Writing Right for Me?

Choosing a career path is a major decision. If you enjoy books, poems, and stories, you might be considering whether a career in creative writing is right for you. Here are some things to consider if you think you want to pursue a professional writing career. 4 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want a […]

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How Much Money Do Writers Make?

When pursuing any kind of creative career, money is always a concern. If not for you, then probably at least for friends or relatives. There’s nothing more exhausting than answering the question, “So, how are you going to make money doing that?” over and over again. While the starving artist persona may seem romantic for […]

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Should You Get an MFA? What You Need to Know

A woman wearing graduation regalia.

If you have a desire to become an author, you’ve probably wondered whether you should get an MFA in creative writing. After all, a lot of the professional writing advice you can find online encourages you to learn as much as you can about the craft and the business behind it. However, especially in the […]

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