Is a Career in Creative Writing Right for Me?

Choosing a career path is a major decision. If you enjoy books, poems, and stories, you might be considering whether a career in creative writing is right for you. Here are some things to consider if you think you want to pursue a professional writing career. 4 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want a […]

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How to Outline a Novel, Short Story, or Essay

Outlining is a typical part of the writing process. Whether you’re working on a fictional project, like a novel or a short story, or you’re writing a long academic essay, having an outline to work from is useful. It can help keep you on track so you don’t leave out anything important. That said, outlining […]

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The Best Craft Books for Writers

A woman writing in a journal

Craft books are useful tools to keep on hand. Whether you want to use them as references while writing or revising, or you’re looking for some inspiration from accomplished writers, they’re valuable resources for your writer’s toolbox. Below, I’ve shared my thoughts on my favorite craft books. I’ll keep this list updated and add to […]

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What Is Creative Nonfiction?

If you had asked me the question, “What is creative nonfiction?” five years ago, I probably would have shrugged and said, “I don’t know – boring?” However, once I actually started studying and writing this genre, I found that was far from the truth. Part of the reason why so many readers and writers find it […]

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What Is Literary Fiction (And Why Does It Matter)?

A sign reading "books".

If you have any interest in books or writing, you may have noticed a divide between what’s known as “literary fiction” and books that are considered “commercial fiction”. You likely have a vague idea of the distinction between these two categories. (Hint: To Kill a Mockingbird is literary, Harry Potter is commercial.) However, especially when […]

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Is Blogging Creative Writing?

A person writing in a notebook next to a laptop and a cup of coffee.

If you’ve spent any time in academia or the literary world, you know there are some people who are dead set on drawing lines around what’s considered “real” writing. There are plenty of professors and professionals who dismiss commercial novels, celebrity memoirs, and/or fanfiction. This leads some to wonder, if those subgenres “don’t count”, is […]

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